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ORGANIZE – 8 Letters That Pack a Punch!

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Face it – if you aren’t organized in your own business how can you service your customers?

We all know someone in our lives, whether professionally or personally, that is a little “extra”. For example, their desk is neat and everything has a place. Their notes are color coordinated and filed by date. They might even have their closet separated into sections based off color and season…“Hi, my name is Mary and I have an organization problem.”

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Happy Giving Tuesday!

Happy Giving Tuesday

If you didn’t already know, today is Giving Tuesday.  This concept was created in 2012 and has gained momentum and popularity through social networks.  When the last few days of focus have been on shopping and deals, this day is designed to encourage you to give back.  As a business in Lexington, KY we believe strongly in supporting those organizations that benefit our community.  For the last few years we have donated to an organization that does just that.  The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass has a mission that we can get behind.  Their goal is to create and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and to strengthen families by keeping them together in times of medical need.  We commend this organization and ask that if you are looking to an organization to get behind that you consider donating today.  From all of us at BT Web Group we wish you a Happy Giving Tuesday!

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