5 Ways To Get Greater Marketing Results

By brian | September 3, 2019

Building a list is crucial to your marketing efforts. However, if your marketing strategy doesn’t expand your list in the right way, you may find that your marketing is less than effective. Here are five tips to improve your marketing efforts immediately: 1. Focus on Your Customer Database If you don’t have an active list,…

Email List Hygiene Best Practices

By brian | August 26, 2019

Email list hygiene is an increasing concern for marketers and business owners. This is because a clean list means improved personalization, and better click and open rates. These translate to improved engagement and deliverability. Every business owner should be concerned about deliverability rates. Questions such as ‘How can I improve it?’ or ‘Is it declining…

Should You Resend An Email Message To Those Who Didn’t Open Your First Message?

By brian | August 20, 2019

You put a lot of effort and energy on your email marketing campaigns. You put in the time to share something you think is valuable to your audience, and it’s frustrating when half of your subscribers don’t open the first message. What can you do to get them to open your emails? First of all,…

Emails You Can Automate to Boost Sales, Upsells, and Profits.

By brian | August 13, 2019

Email is a powerful marketing tool for any business if you leverage it properly. A customer’s inbox is a distraction-free zone you’ve been invited into. This gives you the chance to capture their attention with more high-targeted offers than any digital channel. Effectiveness and ROI of email marketing are incredible for this very reason. Email…

BT Web Group Believes

By brian | August 8, 2019

At BT Web Group we believe that we’ll never have all the answers to website questions or marketing problems when they arise, but if there is a way we’ll go to the ends of the earth to find it or create it.   Reach out today to find out how BT Web Group can customize…

Why Does Behavioral Segmentation of Email Lists Matter?

By brian | August 7, 2019

Oh it matters. Customer segmentation is essential for the success of any business. Since personalization and customer experience are make-or-break factors for business, effective list segmentation is a must. According to a recent report by Forrester, only 33% of companies using customer segmentation find it impactful. According to that report, many companies fail because they’re…

National Fresh Breath Day!

By brian | August 6, 2019

National Fresh Breath Day is observed annually on August 6th.  Created to appreciate oral hygiene and its importance.   Dentists and oral care professionals hail this as a day dedicated to fighting bad breath.   TIPS: Brush after meals. Floss before bedtime. Gargle and rinse with mouthwash regularly. Chew sugar-free gum to keep the mouth…

Monday Motivation – August 5, 2019

By brian | August 5, 2019

A wise man once said…   “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan Contact BT Web Group for all your Digital Marketing and Web Design needs. We’re located in Lexington, KY Please take a moment to like, share, and tell us your thoughts about this topic.  Thank you.

US Air Force Day (70 Year Anniversary)

By brian | August 1, 2019

Air Force Day was established on August 1, 1947, by President Truman “in recognition of the personnel of the victorious Army Air Forces and all those who have developed and maintained our nation’s air strength.” August 1 was chosen to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment, in 1907, of the Aeronautical Division in the…

Friendship Day 2019

By brian | July 30, 2019

  According to the National Friendship Day declaration, we are invited to “observe this day in an appropriate manner, in accordance with the culture and other appropriate circumstances or customs of their local, national and regional communities, including through education and public awareness-raising activities”.   HOW TO OBSERVE Get in contact with your friends for a chat or…