Is Blogging Still Relevant In 2020?

Marketing strategies are ever-changing. Some lose their effectiveness; others evolve into more complex ideas and new strategies arise. With this ever-changing landscape of techniques, you might be wondering if blogging is still worth doing. The answer: It depends.

The real question you should be asking is not if blogging is still relevant in general, but whether or not it is still relevant to your business. Why? There are always new up and coming trends in blogging every other day and if you do not keep up with those trends, you will quickly be outdated.

Blogs are a great way of engaging readers, giving them information, and it is a really great way to rank your website on search engines. All that aside, here are some statistics that will help you determine how relevant blogging will be in 2020.

Statistics about blogging

Over 65.5% of business to business marketers attract new clients and potential clients through blogging in comparison to those who do not use blogging as a marketing strategy

Marketers not only aim to inform and engage, but they want to get leads through their blogs. Blog posts are a powerful tool when it comes to marketing.

Through the use of SEO optimization, blogging will help your business to rank high in google search engines

SEO and the right keywords will help your business be more visible on the internet. You have to use keywords that are relevant and that users will probably use to find you. Your content has to be engaging enough to keep the audience on your page.

Over 80% of people using the internet consider information on blog posts reliable

This is a huge plus for bloggers. A lot of people surf the internet in search of information. Even if some posts are repetitive and give almost similar information, they still give the reader a variety of options to choose from and assure them about the question that they need to be answered. Every business should make sure to give value to their audience.

In the year 2020 bloggers in the US are speculated to attract 31.7M readers

Statista carried out a survey in the year 2015 which went on to show that at the minimum a blog was posted every day on the internet. The same survey went on to show that in 5 years (which is 2020 in this case) there will be a rise in people who read blogs due to how popular blogging has become.

With the above statistics do you still think blogging will be relevant for your business in 2020? You be the judge.