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How to Leverage Social Listening to Build Your Brand.

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Social Media Marketing isn’t always just about publishing content.

Sometimes it’s about monitoring what users post about your brand. This is what social listening is all about. But, you can’t just watch for people to mention your company online; you need to be able to listen to what they are saying and extract insights from those conversations.

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ORGANIZE – 8 Letters That Pack a Punch!

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Face it – if you aren’t organized in your own business how can you service your customers?

We all know someone in our lives, whether professionally or personally, that is a little “extra”. For example, their desk is neat and everything has a place. Their notes are color coordinated and filed by date. They might even have their closet separated into sections based off color and season…“Hi, my name is Mary and I have an organization problem.”

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Website Content is Always Under Construction!

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Let’s get to work.

Today, there’s no question that nearly all businesses have to have an online presence. In one word: Website! Our Founder and President, Brian will tell every business owner that “their website is their most important asset and their 24- hour employee.” Most business owners understand this fact and want to have a great looking website.

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Marketing Strategies and how empathy can play a role.

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The stragety.

A good marketing strategy focuses on three main areas while utilizing an important ability we all need to exercise a little more often – empathy. Why empathy you ask? In order to help others including potential customers, you the business owner need to be able to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and recognize their needs and how your business goals will fulfill those needs. Empathy involves awareness of your customer’s feelings and if you are aware, you will likely be the one that customers consistently choose to do business with.

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